Artificial Intelligence in HealthCare

We have a very simple question for you. Can you name one industry that has remained unaffected to recent technology? Okay, let us be specific. Artificial intelligence, to be precise. Are you left wondering? Yes, it is true. In recent times, there is hardly any industry that has not been affected due to new technologies. Yes, the healthcare industry is a little different, as it takes time to adapt to new technologies, and it was the same even with artificial intelligence.In this article, let us center around the gainful effect of computerized reasoning in human services.

As per a survey conducted, nearly 86 percent of insurance companies, research companies all over the globe are using artificial intelligence applications. And by the year 2020, the money spent on artificial intelligence will go to 54 million dollars.

Okay, in the next few paragraphs, let us look into the benefits of artificial intelligence in healthcare.

  1. Management of Medical Records
AI in healthcare

The healthcare industry is based on compiling of data and analysis of patterns. For example, medical records and past disease history. Artificial intelligence tools are present in the collection, storing, reformatting and tracing of data. Just imagine the situation in recent times. You go to a hospital for a normal check-up. Your medical record is in the storeroom. Now, the executive has to search for the records. Compare this situation with the AI application. Your medical record can easily be retrieved by the robot as it knows the exact location of your medical data files. This is one gainful part of Artificial Intelligence in social insurance.

  1. Repetitive Jobs
Roll of scanning in Artificial intelligence in healthcare

X-rays, data entry, analysis tests, scanning of various organs in the human body – All these jobs are done by humans at present. These jobs have the same work activity, process but they have to be done manually. Imagine the future, when AI applications and robots will work on these jobs. So, humans can concentrate on more complex jobs.Another best case of the advantages of Artificial Intelligence in social insurance.

  1. Treatment

A doctor may do errors out of stress in the analysis of data. But a programmed AI application can seldom do mistakes.What’s more, a human specialist or doctor needs to investigate heaps of information and after that propose the treatment. It will take time. On the other hand, an AI application can look into pages of data, and without any error, give the correct analysis and treatment. Who knows? The patient may get better faster. Now, what do you call this situation? It is but a simple example of the many benefits of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare.

  1. Digital Consultation
consultation in healthcare

Have you heard about the Babylon app in the UK? It gives conference on therapeutic learning and individual medicinal history. If you have a headache, you can report to the app. Then it makes use of speech recognition technology to compare the illnesses and suggest the right recommendation. Truly, also, it will likewise peruse your whole therapeutic history.

  1. Virtual Nurses

Molly is a computerized medical attendant that gives the best help with observing the medications and subsequent meet-ups. In the event that you have a senior at home, it can even calendar the specialist visits. This program makes use of machine learning networks to support chronically ill patients.

  1. Management of Medication

Do all patients follow the advice of the doctor? You bet. There are some persons addicted to alcohol, who do not take their medicines properly.With the AiCure application, and with the webcam of a cell phone, the executives is done to check if the patients are in reality following the routine recommended by the doctor.

  1. Drug Creation
Artificial intelligence for drug creation

A drug creation does not happen in a single day. To come to the market, it may take years and years. And the expenses come to billions of dollars. Presently with AI, investigation of reports and patients could happen quicker. So, new drugs for diseases such as Ebola can enter the market in a fast time.

  1. Medicine

Many deaths of humans happen due to negligence and lack of knowledge. On the off chance that solitary the ailment was recently identified, at that point the right treatment and drug could have spared human life. With AI devices, it has turned out to be anything but difficult to distinguish indications of malignancy and different maladies.

  1. Health Gadgets
Health gadgets for fitness

Who does not know about FitBit, Garmin and other health gadgets? These gadgets screen the rate of heart movement and other body parts. If health is deteriorating, they can send alerts to your mobile for more exercise. They save all your medical records in the system so that the data can be sent to your physician when you go for a check-up.

  1. Personal Gym Trainers
Personal Training and workouts for betterment of health

The world has changed at a fast pace. In recent times, 24 hours is not enough for a normal human being. If you are a working professional, it is a challenge to balance work and family life. So, exercise for the body takes a miss. So, you tend to get simple diseases such as cold, fever etc. And yes, you can say that there is no time to go to the gym.

But with changes in technology, companies have also changed. A decade ago, you had to go to the gym. Now, with doorstep service becoming the preferred option, healthcare companies have personal gym trainers who can come to your home to give training.

Case Study

Let us imagine the situation. You are in Bangalore and in need of a personal health trainer. Now, you do not have time to go to the gym. You download the app of the best home maintenance company in Bangalore and search for qualified verified gym trainers. You look at their qualifications, and then select the best, and fix a meeting as per your convenience.

But first, you have to place a request via the app or website. Now the internet is slow, and you think of submitting the request on the website. So, the chat executive takes your request and makes the booking. To be known is the reality, there is no visit official. It is an AI chatbot which is programmed to do the booking and handle simple queries. AI has even stepped into medical customer care to book patient requests and give responses.


Will anyone believes that a robot can conduct surgeries three decades ago? At that moment, the idea may have looked of pure fiction, but now it is becoming a reality. In the future, many more benefits of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare is yet to come. Let us just wait and watch!

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