Prepare Before The Start Of The Exercise Period

Identify the purpose of the practice:

Set a specific goal to choose the appropriate exercise and to reinforce the determination to practice. For example, before you practice, you can set a target of 3kg / month. From that goal, you will have a detailed plan for choosing exercises, intensity, and time to practice.

Just focus, persevere with that goal and you will come closer to your goal.

Get ready for psychology:

Exercise weight loss with electric treadmill will inevitably be tired and aching muscles in the early days. You must anticipate and prepare yourself to overcome these problems.

Warm your body up:

Before any exercise, you should spend at least 5-10 minutes to start the whole body with a rotation of the ankles, knees, and hips. After that, run in place to warm up the muscles, increase blood circulation, give the body a better adaptation to exercise with high intensity and avoid injury.

Keep your body at the best level of preparation:

Before and during exercise, do not eat too much or leave your stomach too hungry to avoid affecting exercise performance and avoiding stomach pain.

Pay attention to clothing:

When exercising, your body will produce a lot of sweat, and your body temperature will increase. So you need to choose cool clothes, sweat-absorbing without irritating the skin to create comfort, keeping a good focus for the exercise.

In particular, choose a pair of shoes designed specifically for exercise to protect your feet.

In addition, you do not exercise after drinking alcohol or stimulants to avoid a rapid increase in heart rate, hardened blood vessels, and thin blood vessel walls.

Run On The Treadmill

Run On The Treadmill

According to Home Body Guide – When running on a treadmill, you need to pay attention to some of the following:

Technical standards

Running should also be in the right position to distribute power evenly to the whole body, avoiding excessive pressure on a certain position. The implementation of technical standards will increase endurance when exercising on a treadmill, prolonging the training time will help maintain good movement.

Initially, you can run at 7km / h for 3-4 minutes, then increase the speed to 12km / h in 1-2 minutes. Finally, slow down at 10km / h for about 3 minutes.

Adhere to the principle of speeding up gradually

Start with a mid-speed exercise then gradually increase the speed to help the body adapt. Running at too great speed as soon as you practice makes your heart rate rise dramatically, the body is not provided with enough oxygen and nutrients. This makes you feel tired quickly.

Be persistent

Be persistent in keeping with the goals you have set. Exercise only works best when you maintain it regularly.

Proper breathing practice

Breathing is a way to get oxygen to remove toxic gas from your body. Only when you breathe properly will your body receive enough oxygen for the training session. Breathing is also a way for you to consume excess energy to help you lose weight faster.

Do not drink too much water:

When running, the body will get rid of sweat to stabilize body temperature and therefore you have to rehydrate continuously. The important is that you should take small sips. Drinking too much water at one time will make your stomach become more stressful, affecting your exercise.


In the process of practicing, concentrate on the mind for the exercise. Don’t let external influences like movies on television distract you, reducing the results of the exercise.

Many treadmill lines also have slope adjustment features, so you can combine speed and slope to increase resistance. However, adjusting the slope and speed should also be implemented slowly so that the body can adapt to the change.

Combine Regular Aerobic Exercises

This cardiovascular exercise is named so because they make your heart beat constantly. Aim for 150 minutes of aerobic exercise each week. Over a month, this physical activity will be able to make a significant contribution to your weight loss.

Combine Regular Aerobic Exercises

Combine Regular Aerobic Exercises

You need to take time for practice. Be creative! Walk before going to work or maybe go to the gym right after you finish. Cycle to work or even start setting up schedules for more physical activity on weekends.

Besides, let practice aerobics with others. Once you are committed to others, your ability to follow your plan will be greatly improved.

Try to find activities that you enjoy. You can take a traditional aerobics class, or try any exercise that has lots of movement. It’s a great way to keep you interested in exercising.

Activities you can try to include running, hiking, swimming, and dancing.

Get Used To Physical Exercises

Start slowly with 1 or 2 times exercise/week, 15 minutes each, and gradually increase your exercise time until you have the motivation to exercise more.

Get Used To Physical Exercises

Get Used To Physical Exercises

Pay attention to practicing large muscle groups to consume more energy and lose weight; instead of focusing on small muscle groups. You can try some of the following exercises:

Begin by practicing squat with double dumbbells lifting over your head to train both the upper and lower body at the same time.

Practice stretching exercises while sitting or leaning on the exercise ball. Your abdominal muscles will become firm while simultaneously exercising other body parts.

Use exercise machines and hand weights. These tools tend to focus on certain muscle groups such as arms, shoulders, thighs, buttocks and upper back. Practice such special exercises after practicing common exercises for multiple muscle groups.

Rest for at least one day alternating between fitness sessions so your muscles can recover. This will help you avoid pain and injury.


Someone is easy to set up habits and quickly feel bored (the body is bored, the mind is bored or both). When you’re depressed, your body burns fewer calories because you don’t push yourself to exercise enthusiastically.


At this point, you should try adjusting the exercise time, exercise intensity, or changing to a completely new activity to create excitement for both body and mind.

Enhance exciting activities during the day to maintain motivation. Instead of going to the gym, you can join Kick-boxing classes, swim or climb. Invite some friends to play basketball, table tennis or volleyball. This way, you can burn calories without knowing this.

Yoga can be an interesting change instead of the old exercises. Yoga also helps eliminate salt – the cause of abdominal distension – from the body. Don’t forget to pay attention to compensate for the loss of water by drinking water or green tea.

Try Playing Sports

If you don’t like to exercise only, try playing sports. Let participate in a local sports club, or simply occasionally hang out with friends to play sports games.

If you don’t like competitive sports, try other types of things that allow you to practice alone. You can swim, play golf or go hiking instead of fighting a ball.

Try Playing Sports like play ball

Try Playing Sports like play ball

Buy a bike or exercise bike if you want to find an interesting way to exercise and walk. Don’t waste time sitting silently in a car when you can use that time to lose weight

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