Here’s How Digitalisation Has Transformed These 4 Online Gaming Categories

The idea of gaming has witnessed remarkable eras from being conventional, outdoorsy sports to a wholesome digital experience today. The online gaming industry is growing exponentially every year. Thanks to digitalisation, you can now rejoice in a whole new social aspect of the gaming world!

With easy access to the digital scenario, gamers are exploring a variety of online gaming categories that suit their taste and push them to potentially succeed at the niche. Safe to say, it’s a serious business for a dedicated group of millennials today, given that the best ones earn hefty and enjoy fame! PewDiePie and Markiplier are exemplary in the online gaming scene and truth be told, we love to watch them follow their passion!

Since this industry stands tall today, we explore the best online gaming categories that are sure to give the gamer in you an adrenaline rush and take you on a journey like never before.

Simulation – built on inspiration


Simcity. We know about Simcity. Everybody knows. But how did this game become the epitome of simulation gaming? The art of simulation made a breakthrough – wait for it – in the 1980s. Indeed a feat, this category has given gamers the reason to be inspired by their real-life events and pull their experiences off in the digital world! GrandPrix Simulator started the journey and today, Simcity, Jurassic World Evolution, City Skylines and The Sims 4 have set a major benchmark for simulation gaming. Don’t buy us? Try it for yourself. There are a variety of sub-genres to suit you – the construction and management simulation, life simulation, sports, and dating!  

Roll-Playing Games – reinvent your dream character


Fictional settings are the best, right? You get to be and do as you like! The narrative is soothing and well, it’s a fantasy altogether. The idea of RPGs was born out of creator’s wish to build a collaborative and interactive storytelling platform for gamers to engage with. And today, this category is loved throughout the globe! So for your next online gaming stint, Fallout (series), World of Warcraft, Divinity, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and South Park are a must-try! An active entertainment awaits you.

Massively Multiplayer Online – digital socialization


The most prevalent configuration today, MMO gaming is overwhelming the online world! With hundreds and thousands of gamers competing at once, MMOs have gained support from the best of gaming giants out there. This category usually collides with others like Action First Person Shooting, Role Playing, Real Time Strategy and Simulation Gaming. We are sure that you are all aware of the game that has been making everybody go bonkers! Fortnite, dear friends, is an MMOG! And so is the evergreen love of gamers – Call Of Duty. Go and get yourself occupied with the best!

Online Poker Tournaments – place your bets, professionally


The most controversial yet beneficial gaming category from a gamer’s perspective, the Online Poker industry is far more giant than one can possibly imagine. And India is rising to be one of the best in this category. Ask the professional poker players, and they will tell you about the perks of participating in the online poker tournaments. From a quiet beginning in the 1990s, this industry is now on a roll amongst the professional poker players. The regulation and legality may differ from nation to nation, and the best performers are officially awarded for their talent of dealing!

One such prestigious award ceremony is the Indian Poker Championship Awards, that felicitates India’s best poker players!


The second edition of IPC Awards, a unique initiative hosted by The Spartan Poker, was held on December 1, 2018. Rishabh Jain, the tournament winner, was felicitated by none other than Rannvijay Singha and the Poker Badhshah Amin Rozani! The event also witnessed the presence of artists like Shibani Dandekar, the host for the night, and Juggy D.

The night of grandeur promised recognition to the best Indian poker players like never before!

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