4 Things The Tangible Items In Your Home Want To Speak Out Loud

home sweet home!

Your home is what makes you feel belonged, and ensures that you own all that your home consists of rather proudly. But are the items that you own proud of you, too? What if they had opinions about whether you take good care of them or not?

Let’s see what the items you own at home would want to tell you, if they could.

The shoe rack finally speaks its heart out, “It’s been an eternity since you dusted me, good man!”


Ignorance is strong with this one. Do you remember the day you bought the shoe rack in all excitement, ready to organize your expensive as well as wearing-out shoes? Months since that day, your shoe rack is stuck to that very position, ignored and outcast. “You don’t mind taking a shower once in a while in all honesty, then why do you have to keep me waiting for a decent dusting? If I die sooner than it should be, it’s on you mate. Sanitize me before its too late and oblige me with your attention,” the shoe rack whimpers. For real though, get up from the couch and do it before it’s too late and termites enter your life.

“The fact that you’re holding on to me during my last days is beyond beautiful,” the toothpaste sighed.


Oh toothpaste, your toothpaste! Hasn’t it been an eternity since you started using it, and now you can’t seem to maintain a safe distance after all these months? In ecstasy, your toothbrush would say, “You have been brutally sucking the life out me since past few days. Whatever is left of me is not meant to be in your mouth. But you are not quitting on me. It’s just so sweet, or maybe I am just too naive. Thank you, good man.”

Your AC isn’t holding anything back. “I am feeling extremely used and it has its pros and cons.”

Usually, with summers approaching, you can’t do anything but turn to your AC for the survival stint. But you have been going beyond the limits expected by your AC and using it way too much. “Excuse me? I understand the season of mad sweat is back. But you are a transformed man! In these times of insane inflation, you choose to swing me and overuse me all at your free will! You gave me a sweat, man,” your AC would scream at you if it could. But it is suspicious, how come you are no more worried about all the expenses while chilling in the comfort of your AC all day, all night? Rupaiyya got nothing on you, is it? Is it because of your new camaraderie with Amazon Pay?

The TV remote in the living room is suspicious, “Wow you are pushing my buttons a lot these days!”

It’s true. The TV remote that once was being used rarely on a daily basis has now found next level of utility through your fingers. “I never thought that I meant so much to you, sweet Lord! How did you get so attached to me all of a sudden? This is crazy!” the remote is in denial about your attachment to it. Nevertheless, it loves the increasing attention you are showering it with. So what changed? Seems like you have access to a lot more channels of your choice than before! Did you start using Amazon Pay lately by any chance?

For more emotional conversations, check out your fridge to witness the death of fruits that were meant to be consumed days ago, the glory of the beer bottles partying by themselves, the pile of ice creams who can’t wait to be with you, and milk bowl, silently seated in a corner, questioning your purchases but not giving up on you. Well, there’s one more thing the items you own and want to own in the future are getting ready for – frequent usage and intense love being showered upon them! Don’t believe us? To know 

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