5 Good Reasons Why You Should Not Resist A Craving For Ice Creams

hether the day is not treating you well or you ain’t got no chill, one thing that can uplift your mood and the day, is a delicious serving of ice cream. Call it the best mood lifter, bae at the worst, love of your life or whatever, nothing can make you feel better than this oh-so-silky, mouth-watery, all-time chill and everyone’s favourite ice cream.

One needs no reason to call for an ice cream day, it just takes a moment of that irresistible craving to gobble up a scoopful, and here are some good enough incentives to motivate you to not resist your appetite for ice cream, ever.

1. It’s a luscious energy source

The more you keep yourself energised, the more you fly high. Why go tight on your love when you can go light in just a bite. Ice creams are a great source of energy and are known to contain key nutrients including potassium, vitamin B and calcium. While ice creams also contain fat as one of its key components, and by the way, be it vegetable fat or plant fat both are equally safe for consumption, it’s a totally worthy treat.

2. To give in to the nostalgia that it brings 

Remember your early teenage when you always craved for that creamiest picture of an ice cream cone over the counter? Sometimes, your parents gave in to your repeated requests, but the remaining times, they gave silliest reasons why you shouldn’t. Recollect the memories and have the same ice cream today.

3. Don’t miss a chance to get closer to your loved ones

They say, eat from the same plate to build a deeper sense of love. We say, lick the ice cream cone in turns and let the love grow! Here’s a trivia – it apparently takes 50 licks for a single scoop of ice cream. Well, ice cream is also a great indulgence to shun away all the breakup pangs and heartaches, so wherever you are in life, keep calm and pick ice cream.

4. It’s a safe, hygienic and a quick dessert treat 

For those who have been puzzled about the ice creams and frozen desserts distinction, please note, their ingredients might be slightly different, but both are equally good. According to Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, ice-cream has to be made by either freezing pasteurised mix or prepared from milk and other milk products. While frozen dessert essentially contains pasteurised mix prepared with milk fat or edible vegetable oils.

Regardless of this, ice creams from both sources are absolutely safe to consume. What’s more, there are endless flavours in both to keep you spoilt for choices.

5. Life is an ice cream ball, it melts away. And while it does, make the most of it!

We so very often put pressure on ourselves for things innumerable. This time around, treat yourself for the smallest good deed that you’ve done. And what’s better than a cone of your favourite flavoured scoop! Don’t forget to keep some ice cream stocked up for always and whenever you want to pause for complete self-indulgence.

In addition to all these excuses to grab a delicious cone, there are more reasons for your craving to be totally legit. Make the most of this delightful dessert. Cheers!!!

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